Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new and improved, snazzier personal website. After several years of taking a painstaking DIY-approach to writing for the web, I’ve decided to make things easy for myself and use WordPress as my CMS.

It’s been great learning to code for the web by hand. From HTML5 to CSS, PHP and basic Javascript, I’ve learnt the fundamentals of web design and developed a bare-bones, but perfectly functional personal homepage. Using free tutorials, books and other resources online, I’ve built a solid foundation of skills I can apply elsewhere in my life. I resisted using something like WordPress for a long time because basically, I didn’t have a ton of content and wanted to know how to make a website completely from scratch.

But this wasn’t ideal, for several reasons.

  • My website wasn’t optimised for tablets and mobile phones, where a lot of browsing is done these days. Making my website play nice would have required a ton of work, and I don’t have the time.
  • I built PHP templates to dynamically update my website, but producing new content was still a hassle, and put me off. Using WordPress, adding new content is really easy.
  • While my skills have come on a long way since 2013, they’re still pretty basic. My website worked well and was very lightweight – something I continue to strive for – but it wasn’t too nice to look at.
  • I had to SFTP to my web server to manually upload new pages. Yikes.
  • Adding extra functionality was time-consuming, but WordPress’ plugin system makes this a breeze.

WordPress has various other advantages that make it the obvious choice from now on:

  • It’s the industry-standard. So many large organisations use it for their own websites and blogs that there is really no reason I shouldn’t use it for a basic personal website.
  • I can use apps like Byword to publish directly to the web, from wherever I am. Hooray!
  • I can be sure my website conforms to the latest web standards.
  • My website will probably appear higher up search rankings, since Google will index it better.
  • It’s extensible. I can add new content and rich media without fear of my website breaking.
  • It’s über-customisable. I can change theme at whim, and my CSS knowledge allows me to further enhance and personalise my pages.
  • Above all, it’s quick, easy and convenient. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

So, my coding skills have stood me in good stead and will no doubt continue to pay dividends in future. I will continue to learn new web skills and apply them on my new website wherever possible. But with WordPress I have one less thing to think about, and in this age of busyness and information overload, simplicity wins.

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